Open House / cookout tomorrow

dTroX9nT9Sorry for the last minute post, but tomorrow; 04/09/2014 our regularly scheduled weekly open house from 6pm to 9pm will be a cookout as well! We will have a grill outside our door to the right and be cooking up some of the usual cookout delicacies (hotdogs, hamburgers, kielbasa).

So come join us for our weekly open house. Check out the progress on our space, meet some of the members and have some good eats!

Pi Day Party!


UPDATE: Thank-you For all those who Made it to the Pi Day Party!! It was a success!! :) Thanks to the folks at Electronic Horizons for joining us and helping not have any leftovers. Here are some pictures from the great event! 

IMG_6878 IMG_5143

Raspberry Pi Computer Cake


Raspberry / Pi Sugar Cookies


Sugar Cookie Cutters made on the Lowell Makes 3D Printer


Raspberry Pie, Blueberry Pie, Apple Pie and Apple Pie Cookies IMG_5148 IMG_5149 IMG_6898 IMG_6897 IMG_6896

Come join us on Friday, March 14th at 3:14PM to celebrate everyone’s favorite ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter! We will have an assortment of pie’s and goodies for your enjoyment. We should also have some trivia and games as well as some displays of “pi” on-hand. Hope to see you all there!


Help Lowell Makes make a community wood shop

While our Indiegogo campaign has ended, you can still visit the page at:

If you like to donate to Lowell Makes, please click here.  If you prefer to donate by mail with a check, please make check payable to “Lowell Makes” and send to:

Lowell Makes
47 Lee St
Lowell MA 01852

Short Summary

Lowell Makes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community workshop and education center.  It is a place where people can learn and practice a wide variety of trades and crafts, ranging fromtraditional to cutting-edge.  We are a diverse group with widely-varying backgrounds who are creating a resource for the entire community.

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